Annual call

Annual call

After the success of the 2019 joint initiative, two EUREKA-funded Clusters dedicated to collaborative industrial innovation –EURIPIDES² and PENTA –are joining forces again to launch a new 2020 synchronised Call.

PENTA targets transnational innovation supporting National priorities in micro and nanoelectronics enabled systems and applications. EURIPIDES² focuses on smart electronic systems and smart systems integration from components to systems.

The three European industry associations - AENEASARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS - representing large companies, SMEs, universities and research institutes from across the entire Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) value chain have joined together to produce a common Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) 2019. This common framework for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) identifies 10 chapters which addresses the 5 essential capabilities required to meet the 5 key application needs, and the 11th chapter addressing the long-term vision.

In a two-stage procedure, the quality of the project proposal is evaluated and improved, finally leading to a selection of high quality project proposals that receive the official EURIPIDES² label. The EURIPIDES² label provides project partners with the possibility of applying for public funding from their national authorities.

EURIPIDES² also operates a “FastTrack” project submission capability. In the exceptional case where a consortia and relevant Public Authorities agree on the urgency for a project to begin as soon as possible, EURIPIDES² will initiate a Full Project Proposal (FPP) evaluation on request. For details on this process please contact the EURIPIDES² Office.

Call 2020 - Synchronised call with PENTA

Deadline for Project Outline   28 February 2020
Deadline for Full Project Proposal   20 May 2020
Labelling  Mid September 2020