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In order to download the application forms, you must register. Carefully check your Email address, as a link will be sent to this address.

The following documents will be provided:

  1. Project Proposal application form (PO)
  2. Full Project proposal application form (FPP)
  3. Board presentation of the Full Project Proposal (To be sent together with the FPP)
  4. Vision Mission and Strategy Book (White Book)
  5. Project Consortium Agreement (PCA)

The proposers guide will assist you in presenting a successful proposal at PO and FPP stage:

  1. PO proposers' guide
  2. FPP proposers' guide

The Regulation Book will provide you information on how EURIPIDES² is operating. In particular, all partners have to sign the Declaration of Acceptance (Annex B of the Regulation Book) before the submission of the Full Project Proposal.

  1. Regulation book (updated 05-DEC-2017)
  2. Annex B (updated 05-DEC-2017)

English is the only accepted language for completion of the PO or FPP application form.

Applications must be send to :

All fields are mandatory.