EURIPIDES² is an association gathering 18 members: LEs, SMEs and Research Institutes based in 11 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey). These members form the Board and meet twice a year. The Board is supported by the Steering Committee and the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) for the project assessment and monitoring. The Board may decide to set up working groups for specific topics.


Becoming a Board member is the smartest investment you and your company can make in order to:

  • Be a member of a “Club”, an informal, friendly and successful ecosystem of companies, research institutes and experts. Their main objective is to set up collaboration through R&D projects.
  • Boost your network in the hardware electronic community at large
  • Get access to the National Public Authorities
  • Contribute to the strategy of EURIPIDES²
  • Stand as a EURIPIDES² “flagship” company in your country which will raise interest on one hand at industrial ecosystem level and obviously on other European players looking for partners in your country on the other hand
  • Be informed of EURIPIDES² projects as the Board takes the “labelling” decision on all submitted proposals


The Board is the highest decision-making body of EURIPIDES², in charge of managing the association. The Board is composed of key industry and research organisation in Europe and associated countries committed to the development of Smart Systems.
Furthermore, the Board is responsible for granting the EURIPIDES² label to proposals and admitting new members.


The Steering Committee is composed of the following Board members: Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Treasurer and  Technical and Evaluation Committee Coordinator and the head of the EURIPIDES² Office. The Steering Committee is responsible for monitoring the EURIPIDES² programme, the day to day decision and strategy and the relations with Public Authorities (EURIPIDAC).


The EURIPIDES² Technical and Evaluation Committee (TEC) is responsible for the evaluation process, the appointment of experts and the validation of all changes which may occur during the lifetime of a project.
The TEC makes recommendations to the Board on the labelling of proposals.