Board Member

AT&S AG, Austria
Enterprise: AT&S AG, Austria
Enterprise Title: CTO
Country: Austria
Name: Mr Heinz MOITZI
EURIPIDES² Title: Board Member
AT&S is European market leader and one of the world’s strongest-performing printed circuit board manufacturers. AT&S is especially well positioned worldwide in the high-tech market segment for HDI (high density interconnection) microvia printed circuit boards, which are chiefly used in mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. The company is also highly successful in the automotive, industrial, and medical sectors and is expert in embedded component and semiconductor packaging. ECP® is our patent protected technology for integrated active semiconductor and passive component packaging offering miniaturization and reliability benefits. 
AT&S supplies eight of the ten largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, more than 500 industrial customers and is key supplier to the automotive industry. 
As an international growth enterprise AT&S Group has approximately 7,500 employees and has a global presence, with production facilities in Austria, in India (Nanjangud), China (Shanghai) and Korea (Ansan).