Enterprise: STMicroelectronics
Enterprise Title: Vice President Advanced Systems R&D Programs
Country: France
Dr.-Ing. Jochen LANGHEIM
Name: Dr.-Ing. Jochen LANGHEIM
EURIPIDES² Title: Chairman

STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$ 8.5 billion in 2012. Offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength.
The Company is particularly focusing on Sense & Power and Automotive Products (MEMS, Sensors, Power Discrete and Modules, Advanced Analog, Power Management and Standard ICs, Automotive Products) as well as Embedded Processing Solutions (General Purpose MCUs and Secure MCUs, Application Processors, Digital Consumer Products, Imaging ICs and Modules, Digital ASICs).

ST revenues are balanced among all Market Segments: Telecommunication, Automotive, Consumer Computer, Industrial and Distribution.

ST has R&D and design centers in USA, Europe and Asia supporting steady introduction of Innovative solutions. ST is also recognized as a world leader for sustainable development.
Europe main Packaging & Interconnection Technology developments are made in Italy (Milano and Catania,) Malta and France (Grenoble and Tours). All activities are covered from 3D packaging and WLP to System in Package, Power Modules, MEMS packaging, Power through hole or SMD packages, Flexible electronics, CSP. A state of the art open PlatForm CoMPacT 3DE (Connectic/Microassembly/Packaging Technologies for 3D Electronics) for collaborative projects is settled in Tours, France.