IMAPS - From Nano to Micro Power Electronics

02/10/2018 IMAPS

From Nano to Micro Power Electronics And Packaging Workshop
8 November 2018
Tours, France


9 h 00 Welcome and full day workshop program presentation
9 h 10 Keynotes:

  • Power Module Packaging, Market & Technology trends
  • Claire Troadec, Yole Développement, France
  • EV-HEV Automotive Power Modules Packaging, Innovation &Trends
  • Elena Barbarini, System Plus Consulting

10 h 00 Coffee break / Table Top Exhibition
10 h 30 Session 1: Design & Applications

  • Methodology of signal and power integrity for multilayer PCB (EURIPIDES² EDDEMA Project)
  • Zhifei Xu, Normandy University UNIROUEN, ESIGELEC, Rouen, France
  • Thermal design, modelling and simulation of EDDEMA PCB (EURIPIDES² EDDEMA Project)
  • Michael Unger, TU Wien University, Vienna, Austria
  • Optimized electrical and thermal layout of 1700V 450A LoPak1 IGBT power module by holistic design approach
  • Leonel Soberano, IMI Laguna, Manila, Philippines

11 h 45 Session 2: Materials, Processes & Technologies

  • High Integration of Full H Bridge on silicon interposer
  • Gilles Simon, CEA-Leti, France

12 h 10 Table Top Exhibition visit

13 h 25 Keynotes:

  • Power Module Packaging, Market & Technology trends
  • Jean-Marc Yannou, ASE Europe, Belgium

14 h 15 Session 2 Materials, Processes & Technologies

  • Design of a 3kW power converter using PCB-embedding technology
  • Cyril Buttay, Engineering School INSA Lyon and Lyon University, France
  • Low temperature sintering technologies for advanced power electronics module packaging
  • Chunlei Liu, ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland

15 h 35 Session 3: Quality&Reliability

  • Solder with engineered metal matrix - Increased bondline reliability between power device and Substrate
  • Graham Wilson, Indium Corporation, United Kingdom
  • Recent developments of metallized ceramic substrates for the packaging of power semiconductors
  • Olivier Mathieu, Rogers Corporation, Germany
  • Investigation on Cu-Sn inter-diffusions and inter-metallic joints for power semiconductor packaging
  • Yousra Bettahi, STMicroelectronics, France


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