Public funding

Partners involved in a EURIPIDES² project are funded directly by the governments of their respective countries, according to national funding procedures.

The public authorities (EURIPIDAC) meet regularly to exchange on the funding outlook on each proposals. At each step, the EURIPIDES² office will inform you of the funding situation.

As national procedures might be significantly diverse in each country, we highly recommend each partner to contact their respective EURIPIDAC contact point. It is indeed crucial that your proposal fits within national priorities and especially funding schemes and consortia eligibility criteria.

In order to help you, we provide you with contact details for Public Authorities (EURIPIDAC) that support and coordinate the funding of EURIPIDES² projects. Those are the people you need to be in touch with at every stage of preparing your proposal in order to increase the chances of a successful proposal.

We also provide you with funding opportunities and eligibility rules for each country. This information cannot be used without prior written permission from the EURIPIDES² organisation.