Vision Mission Strategy EURIPIDES²

Vision, Mission and Strategy ©

This document has been prepared by DECISION with a strong involvement of the EURIPIDES² Council members. It describes the future trends and the technical challenges in the European industry of packaging, integration and assembly of electronic systems, sensors, and more generally « smart systems ». The document also gathers economical and technical data on markets for all domains covered by EURIPIDES²: aerospace, automotive, energy, health care, transport, smart cities, mobility and security.

Collection of EURIPIDES² projects ©

This booklet provides an insight on EURIPIDES² labelled projects. Special thanks to all projects managers.

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The text, images and graphics included in the Vision Mission and Strategy document as well as the collection of projects may be copied, distributed and used for discussion and other non-commercial purpose, provided that when quoted, reproduced or used in any form, the source EURIPIDES² is acknowledged.

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