Running Projects

Projects are the core business of EURIPIDES². The EURIPIDES² Board is granting the label twice a year. 74 projects worth 432 million Euros in R&D have been labelled under EURIPIDES and EURIPIDES² (2007-2015). All running and finished projects are listed below.

16-0704 AI@PP
Artificial Intelligence at Production Plants
01-Mar-2017 28-Feb-2020 36 months € 1,51
Turkey: 54,30 %
Spain: 45,70 %

AI@PP aims at developing Bluetooth and sensing devices LoRa related to artificial intelligence (AI) models to serve for the improvement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as time, energy consumed, final product quality in automated production plants.

INtegrated Big Data Platform with Machine Learning for infrastructure manaGEment and provisioNIng with multi SENSor Environments
02-Jan-2017 28-Jun-2019 30 months € 5,60
Portugal: 5,40 %
Spain: 46,00 %
South Korea: 20,10 %
Turkey: 14,50 %
Sweden: 14,00 %

INGENISENSE project aims to create a framework for developing smart sensors to easily operated and a cloud-based platform for Big Data infrastructure management and provisioning Machine Learning applications as reusable assets.

16-0605 SEPTIA
Smart and Efficient Power Transistors Using GaN Technology for Inverter Applications
12-Sep-2016 12-Sep-2019 36 months € 10,117 millions
Canada: 63,56 %
France: 36,44 %

The main project objective is to redefine power inverters based on the disruptive characteristics of GaN (Gallium Nitride) transistors to enable miniaturization, reduced costs and improved reliability, while forging strong Canadian/European leadership on high-power electronics.


16-0604 CORE-UV
Embedded Wavelength Control of Real Deep UV DPSS Lasers
01-Sep-2016 01-Sep-2019 36 months € 1,2 millions
Germany: 55,93 %
France: 44,07 %

The aim of the CORE-UV project is to develop an innovative deep UV solid-state laser source at 248 nm wavelength for the semi-conductor industry for means of their cutting edge quality control. This laser is based on two innovative and complementary technologies (solid state laser by frequency mixing and wavelength monitoring by SWIFTS technology), and a market needs to reduce the number of defective goods in production lines. This reduction saves raw materials, energy and costs.

16-0602 Quality First IC Europe
10x Quality Improvement for Automotive Integrated Circuits in Europe
01-Jan-2017 01-Jan-2020 36 months € 1,8 millions
France: 75,00 %
Belgium: 25,00 %

The state-of-the-art semiconductor processes that are used nowadays are not at all free of random silicon defects on and between the physical layers of the fabricated ICs. About two third of the failures are detected at module application test, while one third is detected at 0km or in the field and are likely to be undetected latent defects The goal is to achieve a 10X quality improvement compared to the existing industrial state of the art.

16-0601 SMARTBUS
Smart Integrated Solution for Public Transportation Bus Fleets
01-Jan-2017 01-Mar-2019 27 months € 1,235 M€
Turkey: 72,87 %
United Kingdom: 27,13 %

The aim of this project is to build a Smart Integrated Platform for the needs of inner-city Public Transportation Bus Fleets and additionally propose open communication standards for on-board component interfaces and back office services.

15-0506 POWERTEC
Advanced System Integration for Smart High Performance Modules by Nano and Hetrogeneous Technologies
01-Mar-2016 28-Feb-2019 36 months € 7,37 millions
Greece: 9,00 %
France: 61,80 %
Romania: 17,00 %
Poland: 12,20 %

SI & SIGE Based generic technological platform for robust, reliable and cost effective novel functionnal nanoelectronics modules.

15-0505 ILSA
Intelligent LED Lighting System with Advanced Wireless Control and Supervision
01-Apr-2016 01-Oct-2018 30 months € 1,14 millions
Norway: 47,40 %
Romania: 27,80 %
Hungary: 24,80 %

Improve, test and validate a LED lamp for external illumination including the integration of smart sensors in the device, to provide real-time data via wireless communication and a remote monitoring and control system.

15-0504 Oddo Smart Plus
Highly Comfortable, Mass Producible, Premade Passive Houses
01-Apr-2016 01-Oct-2018 30 months € 0,879 M€
Romania: 57,70 %
Hungary: 42,30 %

Development of a complex building energy system with a smart sensor network, an innovative hardware platform, smart actuators as well as monitoring and supervisory modules for a revolutionary design concept and a production technology suitable for building sustainable, zero-energy consumption premade houses with a competitive price.

15-0503 - AccuLight
Accurate Lingthning System for Low Cost and Novel Lightning Mapping and Thumderstorm Tracking
01-Apr-2016 31-Mar-2018 24 months € 0,88
Bulgaria: 48,40 %
Hungary: 33,50 %
Romania: 18,10 %

AccuLight project aims to provide for private meteorological stations/private weather companies an innovative, real-time, low-cost, user friendly and accurate smart sensor technology to localize lightning strikes and track/monitor supercells, thus predicting thunderstorm movements.

15-0501 MPES
Modular Power Electronics System for Integration of Renewable Generation and Storage in Buildings
01-Jan-2016 30-Dec-2016 24 months € 1,495
France: 42,30 %
Spain: 38,00 %
Germany: 19,70 %

Develop and demonstrate a modular power electronics and storage system for buildings with on-site renewable power generation.

15-0402 LIFE
Laser Innovation for Smart Electronics
01-Dec-2015 01-Dec-2018 36 months € 2,45 millions
South Korea: 51,43 %
France: 48,57 %

The technical goal of the proposal is to develop a novel ultrafast laser-based manufacturing process for flexible electronics which are believed to be the key component of our daily lives in the next decades.

14-0306 ICAPE
01-Jun-2017 28-May-2021 48 months € 3,42
France: 53,00 %
Austria: 24,80 %
South Korea: 22,20 %
Germany: 0,00 %

The purpose of the project is to design, test and evaluate according to both space and high power electronics environments, the next generation of metal matrix composite materials and 3D architectures, with goals of lighter weight, higher  robustness, higher functionality, lower cost “by design”, and higher thermal and mechanical compliances for high power electronic modules packages & structures.

14-0304 FleDiXiS
Flexible Digital X-ray Imaging System
01-May-2014 30-Apr-2018 36 months € 1,985 millions
South Korea: 73,55 %
Germany: 26,45 %

Using  new technologies, we will develop the flexible digital X-ray imaging system by developing new flexible scintillator film with high resolution, flexible organic photodiode and solutionbased oxide thin film transistor array with high performance on the flexible substrate at low process temperature.

14-0303 EDDEMA
Embedded Die Design Environment & Methodology for Automotive Applications
01-Sep-2015 01-Sep-2018 36 months € 5,5 millions
France: 70,23 %
Austria: 27,24 %
Czech Republic: 02,53 %

The Project objectives are:
- Increase product density of the Electronics Board miniaturization
- Assess embedded die technology in term of manufacturing and reliability
- Define design methodology compliant with automotive constraints including thermal, EMC, Mechanical simulations and layout methods & tools using 3D eCAD environment.

14-0206 SAM3
Smart Analysis Methods for 3D Integration in Advanced Microsystems and Corresponding Materials
01-Oct-2015 30-Sep-2018 36 months € 20,48 millions
Germany: 59,39 %
France: 40,61 %

A successful SAM3 project will improve the capability of the semiconductor and system suppliers (Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Bosch, and Thales) to avoid defects and failures during product development based on better material understanding. The results of material characterization, failure analysis and reliability testing provide the basis for direct improvement of technological process steps during system development and device manufacturing and thus also reducing field returns.


Life Long Structural Sensing for Buildings and Construction Material - Monitoring Physical and Chemical
15-Sep-2014 15-Sep-2017 36 months € 5,002 millions
France: 64,97 %
Germany: 23,99 %
Poland: 11,04 %

The objective of the STRUCTURAL SENSING project is to provide the enabling technologies meeting the unrealized expectations of monitoring dynamic parameters and aging parameters in the structure with key constraints: non-intrusive, long life time and reliability, low cost, wireless.
Target applications for specification/experiment in STRUCTURAL SENSING: monitoring aging of new construction materials (composite concrete and rods), building settlement, PFI (Private Finance Initiative) or PPP (Public-Private Partnership) monitoring needs along service, maintenance, transfer cycle, with an eye on future needs of 15/09/2014smart materials in terms of sensors and actioners.

13-1610 PAMIAQ
01-Mar-2015 31-Dec-2018 46 months € 3,07 millions
Hungary: 8,79 %
France: 60,26 %
Germany: 30,94 %

The PAMIAQ Project aims to the development of a new kind of Particle Matter sensor suitable for applications in mass markets for PM10 and PM2.5 detection. Innovative heterointegration is planned to realise on-chip integration of IC, MEMS, 3D MicroFluidics.

See the PAMIAQ poster presented during the Innovation week in Stockholm (April 2016)

13-1607 ADORAS
Advanced Onboard Data Recording and Analysis System
02-Feb-2015 01-Aug-2017 30 months € 5,43 millions
Turkey: 62,25 %
South Korea: 18,60 %
Spain: 11,05 %
Czech Republic: 08,10 %

Develop an Advanced Onboard Data Recording and Analysis System which will be used as a recording, monitoring, and alert system for improving human, vehicle and road safety on railways.

13-1504 ADVANTEX
01-Apr-2014 01-Apr-2018 48 months € 5.9 Millions
Czech Republic: 54 %
France: 46 %

ADVANTEX is focused on bringing more safety to workers facing hazardous conditions such as fire fighters, workmen in waste and recycling industry, ironworks, foundries or glassworks by development of smart protective clothing with integrated sophisticated microsystems.
The microsystem is able to monitor physiologic functions of workers, detect dangerous gases in the environment and measure temperature and humidity inside and outside of the protective clothing in order to monitor heat capacity (heat stress).

13-1501 ASES
Smart High Efficient Alternative Solar Energy Source
24-Apr-2014 30-Apr-2018 48 months € 3.09 Millions
France: 48,87 %
Czech Republic: 38,83 %
Spain: 12,30 %

Development of an original CPV (Concentration PhotoVoltaic systems) cells in an intelligent lightweight small micro system easy to move and to instal, with high integration scale and low cost package. This new smart device is aimed at autonomous fixed or mobile stand alone applications to ensure their energy autonomy.