Running Projects

Projects are the core business of EURIPIDES². The EURIPIDES² Board is granting the label twice a year. 84 projects worth 461 million Euros in R&D have been labelled under EURIPIDES and EURIPIDES² (2007-2016). All running and finished projects are listed below.

2019003 - SR4IDDF
Smart Refrigerator for Innovative Detection of Decayed Fısh
01-Jan-2020 21-Dec-2022 36 months € 1,61 Million
South Korea: 75,00 %
Turkey: 25,00 %

The project aims to transform the industrial cooling industry by enabling refrigerators with smart functionalities. The core added value of SR4IDDF is sensing the values of key parametres related to the decaying fish and processing the data to allert the manager of the cooling facility and thus prevent waste and consumer contamination.

2019002 - LABAIR
Laboratory Air Purification System Based on IoT and Big Data Using AI
01-Oct-2019 30-Sep-2022 36 months € 2,33 Millions
South Korea: 51,50 %
Finland: 48,50 %

LABAIR project aims to develop the system of Big Data platform to provide information on harmful gases in laboratories and prevent accidents through the machine learning program.

19022 - Wafer Metrology Center
Modular metrology tool for non-destructive metrology and inspection of wafer based IC manufacturing
01-Jan-2020 31-Dec-2022 36 months € 5,68 Millions
France: 7,70 %
Germany: 66,00 %
The Netherlands: 15,20 %
Switzerland: 11,10 %

Open standard platformfor wafer based metrology and inspection of integrated chips along the fabrication process from Front-End to Post-Fabrication based on electromagnetic, specific optical sensors and analysis software for wafer metrology and inspection applications.

19007 - FA4.0
Failure Analysis 4.0 – Key for reliable electronic devices in smart mobility and industry production
01-Jan-2020 31-Dec-2022 36 months € 11,2 Millions
Germany: 56,60 %
France: 32,20 %
Czech Republic: 11,20 %

The goal of this project proposal is to develop a comprehensive mostly automated process chain for failure diagnostics integrating self-learning data analysis and defect detection and localization, standardized material analysis and centralized data acquisition and correlation to electrical performance data.

18-1110 POSTNE+
Prediction and Optimisation of Smart Telecom Networks in Europe
01-Aug-2019 30-Jul-2022 36 months € 1.28 million
Turkey: 71,7 %
Poland: 28,3 %

POSTNE+ strives to measure, analyze and improve the fault-related energy consumption in telecom operator centers, targeting a 4,11% reduction. A smart electronics system will be developed to collect key energy indicators (active-reactive power, total harmonic distortion and environmental conditions within the venue of the infrastructure and the exterior, by using sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air flow, air particle density, water, gases, etc).

18-1106 SAFER
Smart Agriculture Fields in the European Region
01-Oct-2019 30-Sep-2022 36 months € 0,917 million
Turkey: 80 %
Poland: 20 %

SAFER is aiming to innovate  in  drone  technologies  and  develop  smart  sensing  solutions  for  the  agriculture sector. While  the  validation  will  be  with  potato  fields,  the  plausibility  could  be  extending  to  a  wide  range  of smart  farming  scenarios.  Implementation  of  those  technologies  to  the  pilot  potato  fields  will  enhance  and optimise  the  growth of  the  agricultural  product,  in  a  resource  efficient  way,  cutting  down  on  the  usage  of water, fertilizer, and human capital.

18-1103 AR2SP4SPI
Automated Responses to Sensed Pentane for Smarter Polyurethane Industry
01-Jul-2019 30-Jun-2022 36 months € 2,22 million
South Korea: 60,3 %
Turkey: 39,7 %

AR2SP4SPI will develop a smart pentane sensor enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) responses to the detected pentane C5H12 gases in the industrial settings of polyurethane foams production.

18-1101 DIGIWINE
Application of optical technology for fermentation monitoring: a step towards digital transformation of the wine production process
01-Feb-2019 30-May-2021 28 months € 0,59 milion
Spain: 67,2 %
Chile: 32,8 %

 DIGIWINE aims at the development of monitoring and data acquisition systems to help digital transformation of the wine industry through the application of advanced connected optical technologies. Through the development and the implementation of of IoT optical sensing platforms, and communications and data transmission architecture, DIGIWINE will achieve an effective digital solution to be implemented in the wine production process.

18-1006 IMASE
Intelligent Mobile Access Solutions in Europe
01-Jan-2019 01-Jan-2022 36 months € 0,684 million
Turkey: 73,7 %
Spain: 26,3 %

IMASE will develop an innovating technological solution for industrial locks. The innovation will be based on the visible light communication (VLC) technology, one of the sophisticated ocular wireless contact technologies inculcates light in the visible spectrum (375nm to 780nm) as a mean for data transference.

18-1005 ESSGIAS
European Smarter Seats for Global Innovation in the Automotive Sector
01-Jan-2019 01-Jan-2022 36 months € 2,275 millions
Turkey: 63 %
Czech Republic: 37 %

ESSGIAS endeavours to develop a smart electronics solution that could be widely applied in the automotive seat industry. The technology offers utilizing automatic regulation in order to achieve a gradual periodic pressure change. This periodic changes occurs seamlessly, without the notice of the passenger, and even may naturally help to circulate the blood pressure in the seated traveller’s legs. The innovation is delivered by means of an electro-pneumatic system.

18-1003 APESE
Augmenting the Production Environment for a Smarter Europe
01-Jan-2019 01-Jan-2022 36 months € 1,47 million
Turkey: 44,6 %
Portugal: 33,1 %
Spain: 22,3 %

APESE is developing smart electronics to serve the improvement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in automated production plants based on a Digital Twin approach.

18-1002 SAP4MA
Smart and Active Packing for Fat and Margarines
01-Oct-2019 30-Sep-2021 36 months € 1,83 million
Turkey: 60 %
Portugal: 28 %
Czech Republic: 12 %

SAP4MA aims the development of a printed active device using nanomaterials to produce smart packaging solutions for margarine targeting the extension of the shelf-life of the packed margarine through the controlled release of active natural antioxidant agents at the onset of the food degradation process.

17-0910 3DP@ESCI
Three dimensional printing equipment for Europe's smart candy industry
01-Jul-2019 30-Jun-2022 36 months € 1,26 milion
Turkey: 75 %
Poland: 25 %

The aim of 3DP@ESCI is the adaptation and development of three dimensional printing equipment with application in candy industries in Europe wide, with the main goal of preserving the control quality of such food and decreasing the time of their preparation through the reduction of the necessary steps to allow their consumption.

17-0907 MARS
Market Ready Self-sensing probes for wide range of applications in Scanning probe microscopy
30-Jun-2018 30-Dec-2020 30 months € 1,13 milion
Germany: 50,90 %
Poland: 27,50 %
Czech Republic: 21,60 %

MARS targets the creation of self-sensing probes integrated with optical detection system for enabling different SPM modes and techniques. The developed probes consist on two complementary techniques NTR and Cantilevers with piezo resistive readout. The main objective is to improve the flexibility of the SPM to wide-range of scanning modes, materials and environments.

17-0903 IS4SE
Industrial Sensing for Smarter Europe
01-Nov-2018 30-Oct-2021 36 months € 0,81 million
Turkey: 64,40 %
Portugal: 35,60 %

IS4SE is developing industrial sensors and the relevant artificial intelligence (AI) models to serve for the improvement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such productivity and safety in automated production plants.

17-0811 EDISOHCS
Europe’s Dining Industry - Smarter Operations and Higher Customer Satisfaction
01-Aug-2018 31-Jul-2021 36 months € 0,39 million
Turkey: 63,00 %
Poland: 37,00 %

EDISOHCS focuses on developing and applying innovative approaches in functions such as sensing meals, drinks and dining environment, transferring imagery data and performing near-real time analysis to communicate key information to staff and generating advises regarding the observed food and availability of tables and chairs. The project builds on in-house developed hybrid technology platform, as a cloud-based operations management for cafes, restaurants, bars and similar venues.

17-0810 SR4SB
Sensing Robotics for Smarter Biotechnology
01-Jan-2018 01-Jan-2021 36 months € 3,36 millions
Turkey: 74,30 %
Portugal: 25,70 %

SR4SB is developing a cross-cutting system based on smart electronics to apply to biotechnological downstream processes. It will consist of a multi-functional robotic device equipped with sensors to actuate a wide range of biotechnological process.

17-0807 SPDMD
Smart Power Distribution and Management in Datacenters
09-Nov-2019 08-Nov-2022 36 months € 1,36 million
Turkey: 75,00 %
Portugal: 25,00 %

SPDMD strives to measure, analyse and improve the energy consumption in data centers, targeting a 6% reduction. A smart electronics system will be developed to collect key energy indicators (active-reactive power, total harmonic distortion and environmental conditions using sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air flow, air particle density, water, gas (CO, CO2).

17-0806 HARPSENS
Head Mounted AR Platform with Plug & Play Sensor Functionality
01-Jan-2019 30-Dec-2022 36 months € 1,59 milion
Turkey: 72,00 %
Portugal: 28,00 %

HARPSENS will develop CYCLOPS and Smart Vest to become a full-fledged enabling technology for Industry 4.0 applications and a platform to build upon that is affordable and accessible to all industrial users while providing solutions for process enhancement in all major industrial settings.

17-0803 VLC4AS
Visible Light Communication for the Automotive Sector
01-Jul-2018 01-Jul-2021 36 months € 3,26 millions
Turkey: 56,00 %
Spain: 44,00 %

VLC4AS is developping an innovative technological solution for vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The innovation will be based on the Visible Light Communication (VLC) systems, a wireless optical communication technology which makes use of the Solid State Lighting devices, more commonly known as LED lamps for data transference.

INtegrated Big Data Platform with Machine Learning for infrastructure manaGEment and provisioNIng with multi SENSor Environments
02-Jan-2017 28-Jun-2019 30 months € 2,24 millions
South Korea: 50,3 %
Turkey: 36,2 %
Portugal: 13,5 %

INGENISENSE project aims to create a framework for developing smart sensors to easily operated and a cloud-based platform for Big Data infrastructure management and provisioning Machine Learning applications as reusable assets.

16-0601 SMARTBUS
Smart Integrated Solution for Public Transportation Bus Fleets
01-Jul-2018 30-Jun-2020 24 months € 0,835 million
Turkey: 59,9 %
United Kingdom: 40,1 %

The aim of this project is to build a Smart Integrated Platform for the needs of inner-city Public Transportation Bus Fleets and additionally propose open communication standards for on-board component interfaces and back office services.

15-0402 LIFE
Laser Innovation for Smart Electronics
02-May-2017 02-May-2020 36 months € 2,45 millions
South Korea: 51,43 %
France: 48,57 %

The technical goal of the proposal is to develop a novel ultrafast laser-based manufacturing process for flexible electronics which are believed to be the key component of our daily lives in the next decades.

14-0304 FleDiXiS
Flexible Digital X-ray Imaging System
01-Dec-2015 30-May-2019 42 months € 1,985 millions
South Korea: 73,55 %
Germany: 26,45 %

Using  new technologies, we will develop the flexible digital X-ray imaging system by developing new flexible scintillator film with high resolution, flexible organic photodiode and solutionbased oxide thin film transistor array with high performance on the flexible substrate at low process temperature.

14-0303 EDDEMA
Embedded Die Design Environment & Methodology for Automotive Applications
01-Sep-2015 01-Sep-2018 36 months € 5,5 millions
France: 70,23 %
Austria: 27,24 %
Czech Republic: 02,53 %

The Project objectives are:
- Increase product density of the Electronics Board miniaturization
- Assess embedded die technology in term of manufacturing and reliability
- Define design methodology compliant with automotive constraints including thermal, EMC, Mechanical simulations and layout methods & tools using 3D eCAD environment.

14-0206 SAM3
Smart Analysis Methods for 3D Integration in Advanced Microsystems and Corresponding Materials
01-Oct-2015 31-Dec-2018 39 months € 17,82 millions
Germany: 61,2 %
France: 38,8 %

A successful SAM3 project will improve the capability of the semiconductor and system suppliers (Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Bosch, and Thales) to avoid defects and failures during product development based on better material understanding. The results of material characterization, failure analysis and reliability testing provide the basis for direct improvement of technological process steps during system development and device manufacturing and thus also reducing field returns.


13-1610 PAMIAQ
01-Mar-2015 01-Oct-2019 52 months € 3,30 millions
Hungary: 7,00 %
France: 50,00 %
Germany: 25,00 %
Austria: 18,00 %

The PAMIAQ Project aims to the development of a new kind of Particle Matter sensor suitable for applications in mass markets for PM10 and PM2.5 detection. Innovative heterointegration is planned to realise on-chip integration of IC, MEMS, 3D MicroFluidics.

See the PAMIAQ poster presented during the Innovation week in Stockholm (April 2016)

13-1607 ADORAS
Advanced Onboard Data Recording and Analysis System
01-Feb-2015 30-Jul-2018 42 months € 5,43 millions
Turkey: 62,25 %
South Korea: 18,60 %
Spain: 11,05 %
Czech Republic: 08,10 %

Develop an Advanced Onboard Data Recording and Analysis System which will be used as a recording, monitoring, and alert system for improving human, vehicle and road safety on railways.

13-1504 ADVANTEX
01-Apr-2014 01-Apr-2018 48 months € 5.9 Millions
Czech Republic: 54 %
France: 46 %

ADVANTEX is focused on bringing more safety to workers facing hazardous conditions such as fire fighters, workmen in waste and recycling industry, ironworks, foundries or glassworks by development of smart protective clothing with integrated sophisticated microsystems.
The microsystem is able to monitor physiologic functions of workers, detect dangerous gases in the environment and measure temperature and humidity inside and outside of the protective clothing in order to monitor heat capacity (heat stress).

13-1501 ASES
Smart High Efficient Alternative Solar Energy Source
24-Apr-2014 30-Apr-2018 48 months € 3.09 Millions
France: 48,87 %
Czech Republic: 38,83 %
Spain: 12,30 %

Development of an original CPV (Concentration PhotoVoltaic systems) cells in an intelligent lightweight small micro system easy to move and to instal, with high integration scale and low cost package. This new smart device is aimed at autonomous fixed or mobile stand alone applications to ensure their energy autonomy.